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M/s Saera Electric Auto Pvt Ltd. is a company belonging to the reputed Satra Group of Companies. The group has diversified business interests ranging from Automobile spare parts, Electric vehicles and agriculture equipment.

Having an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, we were the first one to introduce E-Rickshaw in India. We are primarily engaged in assembling and manufacturing of cleaner and greener Electric two-wheelers and electric Rickshaws. We have the capacity to manufacture 288+ E-Rickshaws on a daily basis.

We are the first company to receive ‘Vehicle Approval Certificate’ from the International Centre for Automotive Technology, Manesar and we are the registered owners of the famous E-Rickshaw brand ‘Mayuri’.

Transforming and uplifting the lives of "Millions of Indians Citizens" using eco-friendly and clean technology.


model-item Popular
Mayuri Grand 135,000
model-item Featured Popular
Mayuri Pro 126,000
model-item Featured
Mayuri Delux 128,000
model-item Featured Popular
Mayuri E-cart 135,000