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Udaan Vehicles is the Leading E Rickshaw Manufacturer, We are involved in providing an extensive series of Passenger Yellow E Rickshaw that meets on customers demand. In addition, the product is rigorously tested on well-defined quality parameters to ensure its performance.

Electric rickshaws or e-rickshaws have become very popular In India. They’re used in every small or metropolitan city. It’s beneficial for both, the drivers and the passengers. Because e rickshaws are eco-friendly, government also promotes its use. To make a balance between demand and supply, Udaan Vehicles is committed to manufacturing different types of models of e rickshaws. As a leading e rickshaw manufacturer, we supply batter-operates vehicles that are designed by experienced engineers, using high-grade materials. As a E Rickshaw Manufacturer, Our electronic vehicles provide efficient use of energy and save money. They run on low cost, require low maintenance and are durable and economical than non-battery operated means of transportation. With high-grade engineering, high-end technology and a combination of diverse composite materials, we give boost to the e rickshaw performance, batter and motor life, reduce weight and electrical loses, and increase mileage. If you’re looking out for a trusted e-rickshaw manufacturer in India, then contact us. We provide a variety of high-quality products for the best price.


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